“It was like clock-work. Every day about 6:00PM, I’d run out of energy. After supper, right before I wanted to spend quality time with my family— my energy would be gone. Pfft. Just like that.

A friend recommended Oxygen Elements Max.

Within just a few days I started noticing the difference. Soon I was making it past dinner-time with energy to spare!” Jodie Williams

Give Your Body an Oxygen Boost with Oxygen Elements Max + Free Shipping!
Our bodies need oxygen to survive. This is a fact that most people are aware of but do you really understand why? Look at your body like a fire; the more oxygen the fire has, the bigger and hotter it will burn. When you decrease the amount of oxygen the fire receives, it begins to die out. Each and every cell in your body needs the proper amount of oxygen getting to it to ensure it remains healthy. Oxygen in your body is what helps your cells get rid of unwanted waste and function properly.

So how can you get the important oxygen that you need each day? When your cells are surrounded by waste, they cannot perform their important function to the body.

Spending time outside or exercising outdoors will help. It is also important to drink lots of water every day and also to eat green, leafy vegetables. Since oxygen is so important to each and every one of your body's functions, you can increase your oxygen levels even more by using Oxygen Elements Max.

The Oxygen Elements Max oxygen supplement is safe and easy for anyone to use. This daily oxygen and mineral booster will provide your body with oxygen, hydrogen, structured water, etheric respiration energies, major and trace minerals, enzymes, and amino acids that you need for healthy living.

Right now you can get your own bottle of Oxygen Elements Max for only $24.95 and get FREE shipping too!


Sinus Relief and More Energy

"I feel so much better physically when I use and take the OE Max. My sinuses feel so much better and I have much more energy. Each time I take it I feel so much better. I've been taking OE Max since 2000. This is a product that really works for our family."

- Lisa Readance, Cleveland, Ohio

Headache Relief

"I have sleep apnea and from time to time I get terrible headaches, even when I use my CPAP machine. Usually I can get rid of it with a brisk walk or deep breathing, or if I am close to a clinic, 10-15 minutes of pure oxygen. But sometimes that doesn't work and I have to just let it run its course and usually three-quarters of the way through the day it will go away. "One day when I had a bad Apnea headache and nothing seemed to work, I got the bright idea to take Oxygen Elements Max and I could literally feel in minutes the headache go away. It was amazing. Within 10 minutes the headache and fog were gone. It is now my backup for oxygen deprived headaches."

- Linda Stewart, Clarkston, Washington

Not Even A Cold

"Seven years ago I was diagnosed with MAR, a terminal lung disease. My lung specialist wanted to put me on three very aggressive antibiotics for two years which I chose not to take. I began to look for things in the natural field. I eventually came upon GHT's Oxygen Elements and Silica Plus. I began taking them three times a day. That was approximately six years ago. During this time I haven't had any illnesses of any kind, not even a cold! About three years ago I went back to my lung specialist and he said 'I don't know what you are doing, but whatever it is, keep it up, because it is working!'"

- Rosa Summers, product education conference call

Chronic Pain Disappears

"I had been on heavy pain medication from an accident 17 years ago. I had chronic pain. The doctors told me the only way I could get off these prescription medications would be to go through a detoxification program. Once I started taking the OE, however, I started detoxing and feeling a lot better. I managed to get off the medication without going through withdrawal. It made such a smooth transition and I've been off medication ever since. I feel so much better. The best and weird thing is that the chronic pain is gone and I had been spending a fortune on pain medication. I swear by that OE!"

- Debbie Lynn

Skin Benefit

"I was seeing the plastic surgeon every six months because I had done some damage to my skin through spending too much time in the sun and skin cancer runs in the family. My appointment was coming due and I had a very abnormal skin cancer type growth come up on my face. It was very unnerving. I'd heard of people using OE Max topically and thought I would give it a try. Over a three day period it just dried up and fell off in one piece!"

- Sharon Summers, R.N., California


"I am training for a half marathon. I've been using the SuperSea and the Oxygen Elements Max as well as the Joint Muscle Plus and they have been fabulous. I do seven miles, five days a week. There has been a tremendous difference with what's going on with my body and not experiencing the prickling and tingling in my legs. It's been fabulous using these products."

- Debra, Atlanta, product education conference call

Energy Level Returns

""A few years ago I had breast cancer. I was fortunate to catch it early and didn't go through chemo or radiation. But I did have six surgeries in a two-year span. All the anesthesia and medication they give you... it takes something like a year after each surgery just to get it out of your body. I didn't have any desire to do anything. I was listless. I started taking OE and then ThreeLac. I cannot believe how my body responded. In just a matter of weeks I really noticed the difference. I was my old self again. No more depression or anything else. My energy level is right back where it was."

- Patricia (October 22nd, 2008 product education call)

A Lifelong User

"I started taking the Oxygen Elements Max and the Silica Plus back in 1999. I was severely asthmatic. I couldn't breathe. I was confined to a room all the time. I couldn't go out in public. I couldn't do anything. So I started getting my lungs back, I started being able to breathe, I started being able to come out of the room. Over a period of time I began using the Silica Plus in the place of an asthma machine or inhalers. Not only was I taking it internally, I was rubbing it on my hands and my feet and my chest. I was just trying to get it into my body as quickly as possible to get relief.”

- Tommy Jo Peden, product education conference call

Keeps Me Energized

"I'm a sales/customer service educator in the fast-paced sales environment of the Wall St area. If I do not maintain a high energy level for the entire day, it will be a long day. How do I keep energized? Simply bring two 20oz bottles of water to work, and spike it with my 'jet fuel'—Oxygen Elements Max and Silica Plus!"

-Iohan Carrasco, Woodhaven, NY

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